The following are discontinued characters - they will still work, but they will not include the latest advances in animation and customizability. These characters are no longer sold individually, however they may still be downloaded using their original codes, or using the Illustrated and Realistic Character Pack codes.

Illustrated Characters

Mary Head:
Mike Head:
Debby Head:
Kara Head:
Kara Bust:
Kara Body:
Danny Head:
Danny Bust:
Danny Body:
Tina Head:
Grace Head:
Nadia Head:
Julie Head:

Realistic Characters

John Head:
John Bust:
John Body:
Jane Head:
Jane Bust:
Jane Body:
James Head:
James Bust:
Jessi Head:
Jessi Bust:
Stan Head:
Stan Bust:
Stan Body:
Peter Head:
Peter Bust:
Peter Body:
Mia Head:
Mia Bust:
Mia Body:
Trish Head:
Trish Bust:
Trish Body:
Derek Body:
Nikki Body:
Jason Head:
Jason Bust:
Jenny Head:
Jenny Bust:

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