KB116: Adding Read/Write permissions to the CS Logs directory

In order to function properly, it is critical that the Character Server CGI app, operating with the credentials of the anonymous web user, be able to read and write files in the c:\Program Files\Character Server\Logs directory. The Setup tool attempts to set up read/write access to this directory but it is not always able to, so you may need to do this manually. In particular if there are no .log files in this directory then this is a good sign that you need to set up read/write permissions manually.

Step 1. Finding the anonymous user account

First, you will need to determine the user account for anonymous web browsing. Typically the anonymous user account will be IUSR_xxx, where xxx is the network name of your machine. However the following procedure will let you find out for sure. Use My Computer > Manage, then select Services and Applications > Internet Information Services.

On Windows XP or 2003, continue to tunnel into Web Sites, then Default Web Site. Right-click "Default Web Site" and choose Properties. Select the Directory Security tab and then press the Edit button in the first box "Anonymous access and authentication". In the resulting dialog you will see the user name in the first box, as shown:

In this case the user name would be IUSR_SERVER96. Do not change this value - simply write it down for reference.

On Vista or Windows 7, look under the Connections Pane, expand the root node, then Sites, then click on Default Web Site. Next, locate the Authentication app under the Default Web Site Home pane and double click it. Select Anonymous Authentication, then click Edit... in the Actions pane. The anonymous user account should be listed in the resulting dialog:

In this case the user name would be IUSR_DELTA - write it down for reference.

Step 2. Setting the permissions

If you followed the previous instructions then you can continue to tunnel into Default Web Site and locate the Logs directory. Right click on Logs and select Permissions (2003) or Edit Permissions (Vista, Windows 7). On Windows XP Pro, you will need to open a file explorer (My Computer > Explore) and navigate to c:\Program Files\Character Server\Logs, then right click on the Logs directory.

Select the Security tab in the Logs Properties dialog.

(If you are on Windows XP and do not see a Security tab then you may be in "stupid mode". To get out of "stupid mode", cancel out of the Properties dialog, and choose Tools > Folder Options, go to the View tab, and ensure that the "Use simple file sharing (Recommended)" checkbox is DISABLED. Press Ok, then reopen the Logs directory Properties page and locate the Security tab.)

On the Security tab, click the Add button to bring up the Select Users or Groups dialog. On Vista you will first need to press the Edit button to get to the "Permissions for Logs" dialog, and then you can press Add.

On the "Select Users or Groups" dialog, type in the name of your anonymous user account, then press Check Names. The edit area should change to add a network qualifier to the account. Click Ok, and you will see your anonymous user listed in the Permissions dialog.

Now select the anonymous user account and turn on the Read, Write, and Modify checkboxes. Press Ok to close all dialogs.

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