KB123: Connect your Pandorabot AI to a body with Character Hosting

Character Hosting is an online service that lets you create an animated cartoon or realistic character that will embody your AI to give it a visual appearance and voice. Character Hosting is free for hobbyist use, making it a great platform for experimentation.

Before you get started, please note that you will need to deploy a bot on Pandorabots.com. You will need access to the following information:

  • app_id
  • botname
  • user_key

Step 1. Get an account.

If you don't already have an account with Character Hosting, go to http://www.mediasemantics.com/hosting and look for the Sign up for a free account link.

You will be asked for your name and email address, as well as an account name. A default account name is suggested based on your email, but you can choose a string that is less personally identifiable, such as a company name.

After accepting the agreement you will be sent a password that you will use to log in.

Step 2. Create a scene.

After logging into Character Hosting, you will be presented with the Create Scene wizard (if the wizard does not appear, click the Create Scene link).

Type in a name for your scene and select the Chatbot scene type. Then press Next.

On the next screen, choose Pandorabots.com Chatbot as the initial configuration.

On the next two screens you will be asked to choose a character and a background. You can always change these later, so you can choose the defaults and click Next.

On the last screen of the wizard, click Finish to create your new scene.

Step 3. Connect your Scene to Pandorabots.

Click on the Pandorabot tab near the top of your screen.

This is where you will enter your app_id, botname, and user_key:

Note that you may see a field for the older Pandorabot GUID codes, filled in with a default bot code. Support for this will soon be removed, so you should leave this field blank.

Step 4. Preview and Deploy your Scene

Note the links in the bottom-left of the screen.

Press the Preview Scene button. Your scene will appear in a pop-up window:

You should be able to type text and hear responses from your AI.

When you are ready to deploy, press Publish Edits, and then Link Scene to Site. You will be given an embed tag that you can insert into your webpage, to make your character appear in your site without the PREVIEW watermark.

In the future, any time you want to change your character, the background, or the AI that it is linked to, you can do so in the Character Hosting control panel. You can preview the changes, but they will not appear on your website until you publish them with Publish Edits. If you want to change the character's responses or view the chat logs, you should do so through the Pandorabots portal.

If you any questions, please contact support@mediasemantics.com.

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