I love your Character Builder tool - it adds an interactive element that is incredibly engaging.

Tom Dupont, USA    

Your product blows the others out of the water!

Brent Price, Australia 

Our site has had unbelievable feedback so far, and is a total success thanks to Media Semantics!

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As always, Media Semantics has THE BEST customer support Iíve ever received!

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Character Builder

Character Builder is a professional authoring tool that lets you create royalty-free HTML5, Flash, and video files, for direct deployment on a web site, or for integration into leading media tools.

The Character Builder downloads to your PC and runs on Windows XP through Windows 10. The tool, along with available addons, provides the same functionality as Dial-a-Clip and Character Hosting, but with more flexibility. The Builder also provides access to more advanced features, including improved, text-based lip-sync, audio editing, Powerpoint import, and a full programming and extensibility model.

Character Builder ($295): Qty:

Additional Characters and Character Addons

The Character Builder comes with several characters in each style - additional character products are available in packs or as individual items.

Realistic Character Pack ($100): Qty:

Realistic Addon Pack ($100): Qty:

Illustrated Character Pack with bonus Addon Pack ($100): Qty:

Cartoon Character Pack with bonus Addon Pack ($100): Qty:

Cartoon Solutions products
Doug ($49): Qty:
Denise ($49): Qty:

Speech Packs

The Character Builder comes with the ability to record your own voice and to import audio from a recording studio. A real human voice always sounds best, but many clients enjoy the convenience of high-quality text-to-speech engines, especially for material that is updated frequently.

Please set a quantity and press Checkout to see pricing on Speech Packs.


Our NeoSpeech Speech Packs provide outstanding voice quality and pronunciation. These are the highest quality voice databases available from NeoSpeech (500MB+). These voices include royalty-free audio distribution rights, but can only be used with the Character Builder. Pricing varies per voice and voice bundle.

    USA English Voices
     Paul Qty:
     Kate Qty:
     Julie Qty:
     James Qty:
          Paul+Kate Bundle Qty:
          James+Julie Bundle Qty:


Loquendo Speech Packs, by Nuance, are the best choice for non-English languages, with over 30 languages and dialects available. These voices include royalty-free audio distribution rights, but can only be used with the Character Builder.

Extensibility Kit

The Extensibility Kit contains documentation and character source files in Adobe Illustrator and Smith Micro Poser format. The kit is primarily aimed at artists wishing to create their own characters. There is no charge for the Extensibility Kit, however we are only able to provide technical support for the kit via our Extended Support program. Please contact us for details.

Character Server

The Character Server runs as a CGI application on x64-based Linux environments, including Amazon AWS EC2, and is specifically for customers who need to bring the Character API into their own server-side infrastructure. It is available under either a per-domain or a per-server license.

Linux Character Server ($2950): Qty:

Extended Support

Standard email support for our products is free, but normally prevents us from working with your content directly. Extended Support hours let us work directly with your team to provide light customization, and troubleshooting assistance. An Extended Support package lets you pre-pay for hours that may be used at your convenience during the course of a project.

1 hour ($75):
4 hours ($300):
8 hours ($600):

Hosting Subscriptions

Use Character Hosting to create a character app online and add it to your website with an embed code. You can enroll for free, then click here to adjust your Character Hosting subscription level.

Dial-a-Clip Credits

With Dial-a-Clip, you can create and preview a clip for free, however you need one (1) credit to download it. Once you download a clip, you own it, and are free to distribute it or create derivative works as you see fit. You must enroll before ordering credits.

Credits ($5 each):
Account (your email):

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