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Knowledge Base Knowledge Base articles contain additional tips that didn't fit into the regular product documentation.

KB100 - Current build and build history
KB101 - Integrating Character Builder with Adobe Captivate
KB102 - Integrating Character Builder with Adobe Presenter
KB103 - Using Character Builder with Microsoft PowerPoint
KB104 - Building a SCORM-compliant Learning Object
KB105 - Working with Articulate Presenter
KB106 - Using a transparent background with HTML
KB108 - Working with TechSmith Camtasia
KB110 - Character Builder output in a Flash or Flex container
KB111 - Configuring Red5/FMS on a dedicated IP
KB112 - Installing Microsoft IIS on your development machine
KB113 - Using the GetURL action with AIML
KB114 - Enabling CGI Extensions on IIS 6 or 7
KB115 - Adding a character to Trivantis Lectora
KB116 - Adding Read/Write permissions to the CS Logs directory
KB117 - Setting up Program AB for use with the Character Server
KB118 - The "Object doesn't support this property or method" error
KB119 - Advanced debugging techniques for the Character Server
KB120 - Missing Character bug on Flash 11.4
KB121 - Working with Articulate Storyline
KB122 - Using the Character Server with ChatScript
KB123 - Connect your Pandorabot AI to a body with Character Hosting
KB124 - Installing Character Server on Linux

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