What is Dial-a-Clip?

Need a quick video? Maybe a dialog, a sales pitch, or a tutorial?

Now you can create and preview a movie online for free, then download it to your machine for a small fee, where you can use it royalty-free as you see fit.

Dial-A-Clip MP4 files can be used as-is for upload to services like YouTube or Vimeo, or you can import them into your own video editing software for further processing.

How does it work?

Log in to your console and create a new movie clip.

Choose from dozens of characters in cartoon and realistic styles. Many characters can be customized with clothing and coloring options.

You can use a stock background, or upload your own jpeg image to serve as a background. You can also select a Green Screen background so you can do your own compositing in your video-editing software.

You can upload audio clips in MP3 format, and the lips will be synced with the audio. For best results, we do recommend using professionally-recorded audio clips, however a Text-to-Speech engine is also available, for a temporary voiceover.

Preview your clip. When you are ready, use up one (1) credit to get a zip download with unlimited distribution rights. Credits are five dollars ($5) each.

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