KB100: Current build and build history

The current version of the Character Builder is 5.4.8. You can find your precise version in the Character Builder's About dialog (Help > About). You can download the latest build from the download page, or use the Help > Check for Updates feature.

Here is a brief release history:

    5.4.8 - released 08/26/17
    - The new HTML5 Animation format complements the HTML5 App format by providing a more
      bare-bones, developer-oriented output based on Sprite Sheets
    - Character Builder support for Dynamic Speech has been removed - the Character API is
      now the recommended solution for applications with Dynamic Speech

    5.4.7 - released 11/15/16
    - New HTML Buttons use CSS for more flexibility (HTML5 only)
    - HTML Objects and Buttons now preview live in Design View when editing properties
    - New Auto Start options lets a character take the initiative (HTML5 only)
    - New functions like seen() and touched() work with Conditions to make characters
      react in a more contextual manner (HTML5 only)
    - New Graph Object and Up/Down Control (HTML5 only)
    - New Guided Discovery tutorial in User's Guide
    - New File > Export Transcript exports transcript to HTML, replacing Print
    - Arrows and Sound objects now work in HTML5
    - Several bugs fixed

    5.4.6 - released 8/21/16
    - Redesigned Powerpoint Import now works with PPTX files
    - Redesigned New Project wizard
    - HTML5 Video Sync project now works with MP4 video
    - Edit > Preferences Run Options now includes a default browser setting

    5.4.5 - released 4/8/16
    - Improved handling of variables in HTML5
    - Several bugs fixed

    5.4.4 - released 1/5/16
    - HTML5 format is now the default format for new projects
    - Preview tab now shows actual HTML5 output, and not a Flash approximation
    - HTML5 scale and extensibility work
    - Several bugs fixed

    5.4.3 - released 9/13/15
    - HTML5 performance and bug fixes

    5.4.2 - released 2/8/15
    - Performance improvements and bug fixes
    - A new ChatScript Adapter lets Character Server use ChatScript for solutions in which character
      chat with users - see KB122 for details

    5.4.1 - released 6/28/14
    - Fixes HTML5 Output audio issues on newer Android OS browsers
    - Updates the New Project wizard and Project panel to better integrate HTML5
    - Brings idle behavior in HTML5 up to par with that in Flash

    5.4.0 - released 11/1/13
    - Updated natural motion on Realistic Character series
    - Use the Help > Download Manager to update to version 3.0 for all Realistic characters and
      addons. To avoid mismatches, it may be best to upgrade all installed Realistic
      characters and addons together - you can multiple-select items and hit Download
    - There are no changes in appearance for updated characters, however the default
      image quality setting is slightly higher
    - This update continues a trend towards automatic selection of natural behavior in the absence
      of specific action icons in Script View - we now insert eye emphasis for Automatic action
      settings of Medium and High
    - Default settings for Realistic characters in new projects are now Automatic Action = Medium,
      and Idle = Simple - higher settings are even better, but use more bandwidth
    - A new ProgramAB Adapter lets Character Server use AIML 2.0, for solutions in which characters
      chat with users - this service replaces the Program D Adapter and the AI Server.

    5.3.9 - released 5/22/13
    - Improves HTML5 generation performance
    - Addresses issues with HTML5 on Android
    - Adds support for NeoSpeech James.

    5.3.8 - released 3/24/13
    - Improves support for HTML5 output (Bubbles, FAQ, Chatbot)
    - Adds "start shield" on iPad output
    - Adds support for NeoSpeech Hui, Liang, Chloe, and Violeta.

    5.3.7 - released 12/15/12
    - Adds a new "Widget" Output Type designed for use with Captivate 6.
    - The resulting "character widgets" are inserted into a Captivate 6 project, and support both
      Flash and HTML5 output.
    - Please see KB101 for details.

    5.3.6 - released 10/9/12
    - Fixes "missing character" bug for users specifically with Flash 11.4
    - This bug affected all Realistic and CG Toon characters, as well as JPEG images
    - You can rerender and redeploy older content with this version so that users of
      Flash 11.4 can continue to view it properly.
    - Adobe has since fixed the problem with Flash 11.5 and higher.

    5.3.5 - released 9/23/12
    - Support for Cartoon Solutions characters
    - Continued improvements to HTML5 Output option
    - Several bug fixes

    5.3.4 - released 4/27/12
    - HTML5 Output setting has been redesigned to use HTML5 Canvas rather than video
    - HTML5 Output now supports the iPhone, Firefox browsers, and transparent backgrounds
    - HTML5 Output is still currently limited to a single character - no buttons, slides, etc.

    5.3.3 - released 1/2/12
    - New HTML5 Output option, with support for multiple messages, idles, and JavaScript API
    - New HTML5 configurations in New Project wizard (select Message type, look for HTML5)
    - New HTML5 tutorial in User's Guide

    5.3.2 - released 9/06/11
    - Improved Import Audio wizard lets you interactively adjust sentence boundaries,
      enter transcript text, and mark bad takes
    - Improved lipsync engine uses Script view transcript text to improve accuracy
    - Improved icons and toolbar visuals

    5.3.1 - released 5/20/11
    - Output modes have been renamed Flash Applet (was Single/Multifile Flash), Flash Animation
      (was Straight Flash), and Video (unchanged) to better reflect their function
    - Flash Animation and Video output now supports multiple scenes, slides, dialogs, and bubbles
    - Video render speed and capacity have been significantly improved
    - MP4 video option generates output compatible with new HTML 5 video tag
    - Preview pane now accurately shows Video and Flash Animation output
    - Character seam and alpha channel matting issues are fixed on Video output
    - Several ActionScript 3 (AS3) output issues are fixed on Flash Applet output
    - Adds support for Ivona voices

    5.3.0 - released 4/15/11
    - Flash 9 / ActionScript 3 (AS3) output is now the default for new projects, for improved
      speed and compatibility
    - Existing projects will continue to work as-is - AS3 is just an output option
    - Captivate 5 users can use the AS3 output format to create Character Widgets (see KB101)
    - Caching improves the performance of Render to Flash and the Preview tab
    - Preview tab now shows the actual project flow, and not just components in isolation
    - New Sound object lets you add MP3 intro music to your project
    - Improved "Include sample transparent background syntax" HTML option lets characters float
      across an HTML page or be dragged by the user
    - Updated Kim character adds support for swappable clothing
    - Several structural improvements and bug fixes.

    5.2.1 - released 1/06/11
    - Fixes a bug that can cause Character Addons to fail to appear in Design View after
      using the Download Manager, in certain upgrade situations.

    5.2.0 - released 11/01/10
    - New Download Manager (Help > Download Manager...) lets you download new or updated
      characters and addons without the need for installers or Admin privileges
    - You can continue to use installers, switch to using the Download Manager, or use both
    - Introduces a new mechanism that lets advanced users use javascript-style "Builder Script" code
      in buttons and messages - the mechanism is especially useful for creating more complex
      interactions, including branching learning interactions
    - Adds an RSS News reader template under File > New Project, Web Applets (requires Server)
    - Updated Steve and Susan packages now include hair and clothing recolor parameters on Head,
      Bust, and Body formats - please see the character Customize tab
    - User-supplied logos can now be added to the chest area for Steve, Susan, Tom, and Tasha
    - New versions of the Realistic Clothes and Hair addons have also been released that support
      recoloring and user-supplied logos
    - PhotoMorph Evan/Emily have been renamed PhotoMorph Man/Woman, and include a new gamma
      adjustment for use in creating your own characters
    - PhotoFit Man and Woman have a new default appearance and include an extra hair style (the old
      appearance can be restored by clearing the Face File parameter on the Customize tab)
    - Fixes minor bugs in Outline view and a problem with multi-step presentations in Render to Video
    - Fixes problems with Audio Import on certain mp3 and wav formats
    - Fixes problems with Loquendo Expressive Cue menus on Greek, Russian, and other newer voices
    - Adds support for NeoSpeech Bridget UK English voice
    - Updated Character Server includes recolor/logo work, access to Builder's Download Manager files,
      improved parallelization of PhotoMorph/PhotoFit rendering, several AI Server improvements,
      and a new Server Guide document.

    5.1.0 - released 9/1/10
    - Adds new PhotoMorph character style - unlike PhotoFit characters, PhotoMorph characters are
      derived entirely from a photo - use then as-is, or use the new Import Photo
      button on the Customize panel to create your own (please see the User's Guide tutorial)
    - Adds a "Save As Custom Character" button to the Customize panel, so you can reuse character
      settings from project to project
    - New CGI Toon-style "Carl" character now comes standard with Character Builder
    - New "Resizeable Flash" property (Project object, Advanced tab) can eliminate fine lines in
      rendered characters placed in a resizeable Captivate or Articulate presentation
    - Updated Character Server adds support for PhotoMorph, Carl
    - Updated AI Server adds unicode support, goal-directed prompts

    5.0.1 - released 8/16/10
    - Fixes several bugs
    - Adds 'Stop On Last Frame' (Project, Advanced tab) - set to False with Straight Flash for
      truly AS2-free output, for use in Captivate 5
    - Adds Powerpoint Import support for Office 2010 and fixes problem with Office 2003 support
    - Improves video rendering for multi-slide, multi-scene projects

    5.0.0 - released 6/7/10
    - Redesigned "New Project" and "Add Content" wizards now include more templates, with more
      options and more depth
    - New Seated and Scenario formats introduced for Steve and Susan
    - Standard backgrounds and props now include an office setting and a newsroom setting
    - Button bar and view improvements make common operations more discoverable
    - New built-in score tracking makes it easier to keep score in eLearning interactions
    - New Background Slide feature lets you group common background elements in one slide
    - New Condition feature lets you select messages based on conditions known only at runtime
    - New Default Pose feature lets you specify a default position for a character
    - New AI Server introduced as part of standard Character Server distribution

    4.4.2 - released 3/9/10
    - Carla character now comes standard with Character Builder to debut the CG Toon style
    - JavaScript API now uses External Interface mechanism when rendering to Flash 8 or higher
    - Various fixes to SpeakQueued API, Flash 9 generation, PhotoFit characters, render to video
    - Shared Library naming now allows for multiple instances of character with different addons
    - Compact addons parameter generated for External Message URLs - matching CS update required
    - Character Server now uses license pooling for characters - please see FAQ
    - Updated CBEK 4.4.2 is available to match this release - please contact support.

    4.4.1 - released 12/17/09
    - Fixes Tasha head turn glitch that was affecting some 4.4.0 users
    - Fixes Powerpoint import bug resulting in missing images for certain ppt files
    - Fixes insertion point's jumpy behavior in Script view

    4.4.0 - released 11/30/09
    - New illustrated characters Tom and Tasha replace Mike and Mary as the default
      characters for this style; available in both head and full-body formats, Tom and Tasha
      represent the first of a next generation of illustrated characters, with support for
      emotive actions, easy recoloring, and swappable clothing and hair
    - New cartoon characters Brad and Kim also replace Dave and Dianne as the default
      characters for the cartoon style; Brad and Kim were previously available as extra
      characters, but we are now making updated versions (with emotive actions and an
      eyetracker idle) available to all users
    - Existing Brad and Kim users should uninstall these packages prior to applying the update
      and contact sales@mediasemantics.com for a credit towards the purchase of
      any other character product (offer does not apply to Cartoon Pack users)
    - The older Mike, Mary, Dave, and Dianne characters are no longer part of the core product,
      however they can still be downloaded from the characters page
    - A "Softskills" New Project wizard now assists in setting up these popular learning interactions
    - The Powerpoint Import feature now lets you import slides as either movies or stills
    - A new Straight Flash Pieces output mode lets a project render "in pieces", e.g. one Flash file
      per message, for import into authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate
    - Support for multi-character dialogs has been extended to the Video and Straight Flash Pieces
      output modes
    - New projects now use Flash 8 and higher output by default, though Flash 6 is still supported
    - Several bugs are fixed in areas such as Script view, Flash 9/AS3, Captivate output, Lexicon
    - A new Program D Adapter is now included with the Character Server for use with the popular public
      domain Java AIML implementation
    - The Character Server's native AIML implementation is now deprecated - it will continue to be
      supported, however it will no-longer be documented as part of the regular release; this
      change reflects a new emphasis on standards compliance and third party AI Engine support.

    4.3.0 - released 9/8/09
    - New realistic characters Steve and Susan now come standard with the CB, and
      represent the first of our next generation of realistic characters
    - This is also the first major update of the PhotoFit characters and addons,
      with improvements in clothing flexibility and overall realism
    - Both the new PhotoFit characters and the next-generation Realistic characters
      can now share clothing items and hair styles
    - The new clothing items can now be mixed and matched - choose any top with any
      bottom, change a tie, add a jacket, etc.
    - A new Download Manager lets you download characters and addons as you need them,
      and helps keep them up-to-date
    - The Builder package itself is now about half the size - many characters
      appear to be installed until you actually use them, at which point the Download
      Manager will prompt you to download the necessary resource package
    - The older John, Jane, James, and Jessi characters are no longer part of the core
      product, however they can still be downloaded from the characters page
    - Existing PhotoFit characters may revert to their new default clothing when you upgrade -
      please use the Customize tab to recreate your previous look from the new options
    - If you have a project in which it is critical to maintain the exact same PhotoFit
      appearance then you can still upgrade, however you should replace the character in
      this project with an older "dated" version, available from the characters page
      e.g. replace "PhotoFit Man (Body)" with "PhotoFit Man (Body, 12/08)"
    - Due to a change in our VAR licensing terms with NeoSpeech, this update is also required for
      all new sales of NeoSpeech Speech Packs, including sales of the new Julie voice
    - This update also includes support for some older Lernout & Hauspie voices - these
      are free (lower quality) SAPI 4 voices available in many languages, including French,
      Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, and Korean - please see the download page
      for more information
    - A new YouTube-style Play button and a Pause button have been added to the library
    - The Navigation Bar now also includes a Pause button by default
    - Other features include a new Character Server Tools menu, better Asian language support
      in Script view, and a new msSpeakQueued() API

    4.2.0 - released 6/20/09
    - This update includes several user interface improvements and simplifications
    - Projects now consist of a single MPR file - the seperate data file is no-longer needed
      and is automatically removed
    - An updated Script View lets you edit the text of a line directly, rather than through
      a field in a Say action panel below the script area
    - Updated Audio processing eliminates the need for seperate Speak, LipSync, and Compress
      buttons - audio is now lip-synced and compressed automatically - lines with no audio file
      assigned are automatically spoken using Text to Speech, so there is no need for a Speak button
    - More direct control over audio is still available via the Tools > Audio menu
    - An expanded Project panel consolidates options previously available in several locations
    - Project > Options is now Edit > Preferences and contains only project-independent settings
    - A new Loquendo Lexicon tool (Tools > Loquendo > Lexicon) allows Loquendo users to specify
      how certain words are to be pronounced
    - An implied bubble action is now present at the beginning of any line that does not include
      an explicit bubble action - the text of the transcript is used as the bubble text
    - If you use bubbles, then you need not change your project - just be aware that a bubble action
      is not necessary if the text of the bubble is the same as the text in the transcript
    - HTML Options (now in the Project panel) includes a new transparent (Flash over HTML) setting
    - Animation libraries and AIML files can now only be edited in XML View - a right-click menu
      provides custom character functionality previously available in Outline View
    - The Query view (for AIML editing) has been replaced by a modeless Test AI window
    - To promote consistency between Character Builder and Character Hosting, the term "presentation"
      has been replaced with "message" in the user interface.

    4.1.3 - released 3/04/09
    - Fixes a performance degradation noticeable in 4.1.2 on projects involving dialogs
    - Addresses two crashing bugs that can affect Outline and Design views
    - Adds a character preview pane to the New Project wizard
    - Fixes fringes around light PhotoFit clothing on light background
    - Fixes slight body skin color flicker on full-body PhotoFit characters
    - Mute button reversed by popular demand to show current status rather than effect of click
    - Server installer now allows automatic IIS configuration to be turned off

    4.1.2 - released 12/02/08
    - New Bust and Full Body versions of PhotoFit Man and Woman are now available for free download
      from the characters page
    - Updated PhotoFit Man/Woman Heads in Builder 4.1.2 match the Full Body and Bust versions
    - Hair Packs have been updated for 4.1.2 - they now work with Head, Bust, and Full Body formats
    - Release adds the ability to pass character customization to the Character Server - PhotoFit
      characters are now easy to use with dynamic speech and AIML
    - Fixes bug in which addons would appear in the Custom tab dropdown only after second click
    - Fixes bug affecting insertion of certain Loquendo expressive cue items from Loquendo menu
    - Fixes sporadic crashing bug on view change
    - Fixes installer problem causing Vista to occasionally fail to install due to DEP fault
    - Fixes two bugs that were preventing dialog between same-gender PhotoFit characters
    - File > Save Project As will now copy a project's PhotoFit face modifications
    - Updated Powerpoint import module reportedly fixes several bugs
    - Updated Character Server fixes sporadic crash on AIML, adds PhotoFit native OpenGL support
    - Updated Character Server installer now eliminates need for post-install setup - please update to
      this release if you have had trouble installing the Character Server trial in the past.

    4.1.1 - released 10/22/08
    - Introduces a new Flash Client API that features a consistent set of methods and events across
       JavaScript, Flash AS2, Flash AS3, and Flex 3 containers - includes updated tutorials
    - Fixes some visual defects in PhotoFit Woman eyes and mouth
    - Fixes a Character Server defect that can cause the PhotoFit Images cache to grow indefinitely
    - This update is required in order to use new PhotoFit Hair Packs

    4.1.0 - released 10/02/08
    - Introduces new "PhotoFit" characters PhotoFit Man and PhotoFit Woman, and a new
      Edit Face window that lets you recreate a face from a photograph or design a new face
      using shape and texture controls
    - To experiment with these features, create a new project with the character PhotoFit Man
      (or Woman), select the character, click the Customize tab, then click Edit Face -
      be sure to read the PhotoFit guidelines in the linked help file for best results
    - The PhotoFit characters come with limited hair, clothing, and accessory options, however
      additional options will be available soon, in the form of Clothing and Hair packs
    - Fixes Loquendo syntax usage for speech rate and interactive extras - previous versions used
      a deprecated syntax for these items that is no-longer supported with the latest Loquendo voices
    - Adds support for PhotoFit characters to the Character Server (Standard & Advanced)
    - Introduces 23 new Face Design and PhotoFit API and a new Face Server windows service
      (Character Server Advanced only)

    4.0.9 - released 08/04/08
    - Fixes a bug preventing some users of Loquendo v6 voices from upgrading
    - Fixes Goto and Stop, Goto and Play movie control actions
    - Fixes a problem in which Builder occasionally displays a blank Preview pane
    - Includes standard loader changes for AS3 containers referred to in KB 110
    - Updated CBEK includes multiformat Poser files for Head, Bust, and Body formats
    - Character Server structural changes to support Standard and Advanced license levels. Existing
      licensees continue to have access to the API that was available to them prior to this update,
      but new licensees must choose between the Standard or Advanced license levels. With
      this release some of the advanced API, including the render-to-video and recorded-audio API,
      will only be available under the Advanced license.

    4.0.8 - released 06/05/08
    - Adds a new level of realistic head movement while speaking for James and Jessi - but
      the added realism comes at the expense of higher bandwidth needs. A new dropdown on the
      Character panel is used to set the automatic action level (1, 2, or 3). The default is 2,
      but you can set this to 3 to see the new head movement. Only characters supporting the
      "random head" actions (Head tab on character testers) will exhibit improvements at level 3.
    - Support for AIML Search Extensions, allowing AIML rules to coexist with a search engine-like
       document similarity algorithm - please see the Help > XML Reference for details
    - Support for vector shapes with transparency, for cartoon and illustrated characters
    - Fixes a regression bug that could cause a "halo" on certain video output projects
    - Fixes a regression bug that could make objects behind a character appear initially,
      then disappear, on Straight Flash output

    4.0.7 - released 04/30/08
    - Improved audio import now supports most audio formats including mp3
    - New Loquendo menu for insertion of expressive cues and prosody tags
    - Fixes a regression in 4.0.6 that could cause stutter and/or cacaphony in dialogs
    - New Captivate project type sets the Straight Flash output type and 30fps frame rate
    - Fixes problems with spurious shape placement on some character art when used
      with an external timeline controller, including Captivate
    - New AIML rule panel in the CB and improved AIML engine stability in the CS
    - Character Server now supports an external MySQL database for conversation management
    - Character Server COM API adds support for compiling AIML files to binary MSF format
    - New realistic and illustrated character products released on the Characters page
    - Loquendo users - please note that we are now offering a Loquendo version 7 update, with
      new voice-changing capabilities (timbre and reverb). The update is required
      in order to add new voices to your installation. New voices introduced with
      v7 include Allison (USA English), Olivier & Charlotte (Canadian French), and
      Soledad (American Spanish).

    4.0.6 - released 03/12/08
    - Realistic characters can now be resized
    - Images can now be resized
    - Entry panels can now be resized
    - Fixes a bug that could cause loss-of-sync/stutter on Straight Flash output with long audio files
    - Reduced pause between lines in a dialog improves the flow of multi-character projects
    - New Character Server Decode API enables the built-in Flash microphone support
    - Character Server package now includes a load simulation tool and a monitor component
    - Fixes a Character Server bug that could cause seemingly random syntax errors at high volumes
    - Fixes a Character Server bug that could cause false hits in the cache - please delete the contents
      of your Flash and Wave directories after installing this important update
    - Removes a Character Server limit on the length of a single say action - the limit would cause
      the mouth to stop moving after about a minute of audio - there is now no limit
    - Windows 2000 has not been supported for some time, however up until this release the Builder
      would still run under Windows 2000. With this build you will need to add a compatibility dll to the
      program directory in order to continue to use Windows 2000.

    4.0.5 - released 01/25/08
    - Updated John and Jane (full-body realistic characters) featuring improved animation, new emotive
      actions, udpated idles, and a slightly larger size - see John and Jane testers
    - Updated bust versions of John and Jane use a taller format that shows more of the body, and
      have a full set of hand actions, emotive actions, and new idles - see John and Jane testers
    - The head and bust versions of John and Jane, as well as new versions of several other stock
      characters, are available for download from the characters page
    - New Crop feature (Character object, Advanced tab) allows you to crop a full-body or bust character
      down to a smaller size, without needing to hide a portion of the character using another shape
    - Fixes a bug affecting realistic character addons, such as Mia CSR Mic, when use with the new idles

    4.0.4 - released 12/26/07
    - Server release only - fixes a 4.0.1 regression that can cause a fault to occur sporadically, while
      processing requests using templates and '$' variable expansion.

    4.0.3 - released 12/17/07
    - Adds new Render to Video FLV and MOV options, ideal for use with YouTube and other video apps
    - Adds a new Screen Capture option to the New Project wizard and introduces a simplified technique
      for creating compelling tutorials using compatible screen-capture tools
    - Fixes a 4.x regression that can cause text created in Design View to revert to Arial

    4.0.2 - released 12/03/07
    - Minor update fixes a problem that can affect how certain fonts appear in
      imported Powerpoint files

    4.0.1 - released 11/25/07
    - Significant update introduces new Powerpoint Import feature
    - Registered users can update at no charge, trial users obtain a new trial period
    - Powerpoint Import requires the .NET 2.0 runtime - the runtime will be installed
      automatically if needed, and is also available here
    - New library pane for drag-and-drop insertion of Library objects
    - Improved integration with Character Server with updated Presentation panel
    - Character Add-ons and options are now managed in a uniform manner in the
      Character's Advanced panel. However you will need to update any installed
      character add-on packages from the characters page.
    - New AIML <system> and <condition> tags
    - Updated Bubble object pages through text that is too long for the bubble

    3.0.158 - released 10/03/07
    - Adds support for new Emotive actions (e.g. Angry, Sad, etc.) for James, Jessi
    - Adds new 'Eye Tracker' idle and improves 'Simple' idle on James, Jessi
    - Adds Disable for Render feature - lets you selectively focus on certain scenes or slides
      during development of a large project (see the right-click menu on slides, scenes)
    - Improves handling of error and warning messages in Character Builder by bringing you directly
      to the source of the error where possible
    - Updated Character Builder Extensibility Kit package now includes Custom Character wizard to
      make it easier to get started with a custom character
    - Fixes a bug affecting pause/resume in Dialog objects
    - Fixes a bug leading to loss-of-sync in Straight Flash output on certain renders
    - Updated Character Server fixes a bug that could cause periodic failures in Speech Server

    3.0.157 - released 8/22/07
    - Improves Render to Video performance
    - Fixes blanking-out problem on Render to Video with some updated cartoon character animations
    - Lifts an earlier limitation on moving the focus to a dialog
    - Updated server includes video improvements and fixes a bug that can affect cache operation

    3.0.156 - released 7/09/07
    - You should notice a significant speedup of the Render-to-Flash function over prior builds
    - The Audio Quality option (Outline View, select Project icon, Advanced tab) now includes
      a range of quality settings, instead of just 'normal' and 'high'
    - New 'trace' option in Query View, and some minor AIML bug fixes
    - Fixes Dave and Dianne visual bug affecting talk during a head nod or head shake
    - Improves Server performance and fixes a cascading error that can occur with locked cache files

    3.0.155 - released 6/30/07
    - The Character Builder includes changes to the New Project wizard and reference documentation,
      and is designed to match build 155 of the optional Character Server
    - The Character Server includes significant architectural changes, performance improvements,
      and a new CGI API - please see KB109 for details.

    3.0.154 - released 5/29/07
    - Fixes the Goto and Start action target selector in the Button panel, and the
      Initial Focus selector on the Project panel
    - Fixes a regression in the SCORM template
    - Adds Finger Wag action and fixes Look At actions for Dave and Dianne

    3.0.153 - released 5/22/07
    - The base package now includes Dianne, Mike, and Jane - these characters were
      available as separate downloads in build 152. To minimize the download
      size, characters with multiple formats (e.g. head, bust, and full-body) will continue to
      be available as seperate downloads in their alternate formats.
    - Updated Dave character - changes are largely structural, but improved head actions,
      including new nod and shake actions and smoother motion, may be noted
    - Updated Dianne character - in addition to structural changes, this character is now
      slightly more conservative in appearance
    - New Import Text wizard in Script View is handy for importing entire paragraphs of text
    - Script View's Import Audio is now presented as a wizard
    - The Builder now automatically checks for updates
    - Miscellaneous improvements to Setup and documentation

    3.0.152 - released 2/7/07
    - Updated versions of illustrated-head characters - improvements are largely structural,
      but more pronounced head turn and smoothness may be noticed
    - You will need build 152 or later of the Builder/Server to take advantage of the updated
      illustrated head characters
    - New Import Audio button in Script View will create a script from an external audio file -
      the feature works by breaking the original audio file into sentence-sized audio files
      with matching placeholder transcript text
    - Simplifications to the New Project templates and improvements to the first-run experience

    3.0.151 - released 12/30/06
    - You will need build 151 or later of the Builder/Server to take advantage of updated characters
    - A redesigned James and Jessi now feature increased realism - please see the characters page
      to see the new versions, as well as download older versions for compatibility
    - James and Jessi are now also available in a new Bust style - this style shows more of the body
      and includes hand gestures
    - Jane's skirt has been lengthened, and bust and head versions are now available for download
    - John and Jane now support Shared Libraries for improved operation under the "Multiple File"
      mode, which is recommended for larger projects
    - A new "Progressive Idle" character idle behavior setting can be used to load more detailed idle
      behavior over time - use with Multiple File output and Shared Libraries settings
    - Render engine improvements address several issues with realistic character construction,
      including "alpha-jitter" and "black frame" problems
    - A new "Back" navigation action helps with projects involving branching

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