KB112: Installing Microsoft IIS on your development machine

To install the Character Server you will need web software such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache. The CS installer will configure IIS for use with the CS on your development machine. Apache is also supported, however you will manually need to add a few lines into your Apache httpd.conf configuration file - please see the post-installation Readme.

IIS is available in Windows XP Pro, Vista, and Windows 7, however it may not be installed by default on your computer, and if it is installed, it may not be installed with the required options. (IIS is not available in some configurations of Windows).

On Windows 7 and Vista

On Windows 7/Vista, the Control Panel task is called Turn Windows features on or off.

Be sure to set Internet Information Service as well as all IIS 6 Management Compatibility features, and the CGI feature. Here is a typical installation:

After installing or updating IIS on your development machine, you should insure that it is operating correctly by entering the URL

http://localhost at your web browser - you should receive a default page provided by IIS. The 'localhost' URL always refers to the local web server, and has meaning only when used in a browser on the same machine as the web server.

On Windows XP

On Windows XP Pro, go to the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs applet, then select Add/Remove Windows Components. Be sure Internet Information Services (IIS) is checked:

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