KB103: Using Character Builder with Microsoft PowerPoint

For more information on placing a flash object in a Powerpoint presentation, please see this Macromedia Technote.

You can add a character to some or all of your slides. Typically you will create one Character Builder project per slide. There are no real limitations on the Character Builder output if you plan to present your Powerpoint presentation to a local audience. On the other hand, when using Powerpoint's Save As HTML feature, you should know that embedded Flash objects will simply be ignored. If you need to package your Powerpoint application on the web, please consider an application such as Articulate Presenter, which will convert the Powerpoint presentation, along with any embedded Character Builder movies, into a standalone Flash file. When using Articulate, we recommend using the Straight Flash output type.

Unless you add a background image or rectangle to your scene, the Character Builder's output will always be transparent. However when embedding in Powerpoint, you will find that the flash object always appears with an opaque (typically white) background. (You can set this background color in Powerpoint's object properties panel.) The following techniques can be used to get around this limitation:

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