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Character Builder

In evaluation mode, the Character Builder will include a faint "Evaluation" watermark in its output. This watermark will disappear when you re-render with a licensed product. Please see our purchase page for pricing.

The Character Builder runs on Windows XP through Windows 10.

The Builder comes with several stock animated characters. Additional characters and character addons can be purchased individually or in packs - see the characters page for details.

Updates are free. Please see KB100, on the support page, for a complete update history.

Please see our faqs page for answers to common questions.

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Character Server

The Character Server is a server-side component that produces dynamic media streams for use in database-driven solutions.

It runs as a CGI application on x64-based Linux environments, including Amazon AWS EC2, and is specifically targeted at customers who need to bring the Character API into their own server-side infrastructure. This download includes a watermark, but is otherwise fully functional. Please see KB111 for installation details.

Speech Packs

While frequently used with Text to Speech (TTS), the Character Builder does not come with any TTS voices.

Media Semantics will work with any "SAPI 5" compliant TTS engine, including the one(s) that come with your version of Windows.

Free TTS voices tend to sound robotic, but high-quality TTS voices are expensive and are often subject to individually-negotiated distribution agreements. Media Semantics works with TTS vendors, such as Nuance and NeoSpeech, to offer high-quality Speech Packs with special pricing for Character Builder users. Please see the purchase page for details, or contact sales to obtain a trial.

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Product Documentation

Not quite ready to download? Try browsing through the User's Guide. This PDF document contains tutorials that illustrate the use of the Character Builder. This file and other documentation are also available from the Builder's Help menu.

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