Character Builder

Character Builder is a professional authoring tool that lets you create royalty-free HTML5, Flash, and video files, for direct deployment on a web site, or for integration into leading media tools. The Character Builder downloads to your PC and runs on Windows XP through Windows 10. You don't need to be an animator or a programmer to user this product.

Character Builder ($295):

Additional Characters and Addons

The Character Builder comes with several characters in each style - additional character products are available in packs or as individual items.

Realistic Character Pack ($100):

Realistic Addon Pack ($100):

Illustrated Pack ($100):

Cartoon Pack ($100):

Cartoon Solutions products
Doug ($49):
Denise ($49):

Speech Packs

The Character Builder comes with the ability to record your own voice and to import audio from a recording studio. A real human voice always sounds best, but many clients enjoy the convenience of integrated high-quality text-to-speech engines, especially for material that is updated frequently. These voices include royalty-free audio distribution rights, but can only be used with the Character Builder.

For high-quality domestic voices, we recommend NeoSpeech. Trial versions are available upon request. Press Add to Cart to see pricing.

NeoSpeech Paul+Kate:
NeoSpeech James+Julie:

For international voices, please ask us for a quote on voices by Nuance.

Character Server

The Character Server is CGI web server that uses the same pluggable character technology as the Character Builder, and lets you build a personalized experience that incorporates variable information, such as the weather, or information from a database or AI. The Character Server runs on 64 bit Linux distributions, and has been tested with Ubuntu and Amazon Linux on EC2. You will be asked to choose a per-domain or a per-server licensing model.

Before purchasing, please consider the Character API for a managed and fully-scalable version of the Character Server software.

Character Server ($2950):

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