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Imagine a live talking character that presents information and interacts with users on your website, or online course.

Unlike videos, embodied agents are fully interactive and can adapt to users and context. Virtual people are quite simply the next frontier in User Experience design.

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For content developers...

The Character Builder authoring tool is now available as an online service. Use it to build character-led modules that snap into your website or eLearning course in minutes. Enrollment is free, and a low-cost subscription lets you publish unlimited content.

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For web developers...

The underlying Character API is a RESTful web service that uses cloud computing, edge caching, and HTML5 animation to deliver a dynamic, talking avatar experience to any device, at scale.

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Most characters are available in head, bust, and body formats and are capable of speech, emotion, and gestures. Many can be customized using logos and swappable clothing. Some can even be made in your own likeness using a photo.

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