Character API

The Character API is a RESTful, cloud-based character animation service. The Character API is designed specifically for web developers, and makes use of cloud computing, edge caching, and CSS or WebGL animation to deliver a personalized talking avatar experience to any device, at scale.

Please note that the Character Builder service is built on top of the Character API. If you are a content developer, or if you are a web developer but you don't need access to dynamic content, then you may find the Character Builder service more suited to your needs. An example of dynamic content would be a greeting card creation app where users type in their own message, or any app in which a character's responses contain text that comes from a web API or a database, and could therefore vary from user to user.

Ready to learn more? The best place to start is our hands-on tutorial.

If you are an Amazon AWS customer, please consider enrolling via the AWS Marketplace, to have your Character API charges appear on the same monthly bill as your AWS infrastructure charges. All Character API customers can use a dashboard to see up-to-the-minute API usage and adjust domain restrictions.

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