Custom Character Service

Some of our clients have specific needs that cannot be met with with our stock character products. Our Custom Character service is available to create custom addons and characters that can be used with our Character Builder, Character Server, and Character API products.

Realistic Characters

We can create new 3d-rendered characters, or provide custom actions and formats for existing characters. Custom formats, using different camera angles or resolutions, are often created together with compatible props and backgrounds, for easy layering in Character Builder. Custom characters can be create for as little as $1K, and formats can be created for as little as $500.

Illustrated Characters

Many clients prefer the artistic look associated with the Illustrated style. Our artists can take your photo and turn it into an animated illustration that responds to your script in a fluid, lifelike manner. Custom illustrated characters can be created for as little as $1K.

Cartoon Characters

Given your ideas, photos, or sketches, we can create a memorable cartoon character that will become your branded spokesperson. Custom cartoon characters can be created for as little as $1K.

Custom Programming Service

We can also work directly on your Character Builder or Character API project as a virtual member of your team, for consultation, prototyping, and custom programming.

Please contact to discuss your needs or to request a quote.

Custom Addon

Custom Illustrated

Custom Cartoon

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