KB102: Integrating Character Builder with Adobe Presenter

The Character Builder can be used to create animated characters for use in Adobe Presenter. You can create your output in the form of Flash SWF animations or Flash FLV videos.

To create SWF files for insertion, use the Flash Animation setting on the Output dropdown on the Character Builder's Project panel. You should also set the Frame Rate to 30 on the same panel.

To import the animation, use Adobe Presenter > Insert Flash (swf) and select the SWF file from the Output folder.

You can choose which slide to insert the animation on, and whether the animation should play in the slide itself or in the sidebar.

When inserting onto a slide, you will normally want to lock the animation to the presentation playbar, so that your character plays as part of the Presenter timeline. To do this, use Adobe Presenter > Manage Flash (swf) and check the "Control using presentation playbar" checkbutton.

Unlike with Articulate Presenter, transparent areas of an inserted Character Builder file appear as opaque white, so you will want to avoid placing your character directly over your text and other slide materials. You can also add a colored rectangle or image to the background of your Character Builder scene in order to reduce or eliminate the resulting seam that can appear when you insert the animation over a background.

When importing to the Sidebar, the flash file will automatically be synchronized with the presentation playbar.

You can also choose to render your Character Builder project to Video, and use the Adobe Presenter > Import Video command. In general Flash SWF output will be more compact, with better playback fidelity, compared to video output.

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