KB106: Using a transparent background with HTML

A transparent background is useful when you want a character to stand over top of some external content, such as a web page. The Character Builder Flash output always uses a transparent background, however this is not always apparent when embedding Flash content into a non-Flash container such as HTML.

Note first that a transparent background is not possible with some older versions of the Firefox browser.

You can place the OBJECT tag within an "absolutely positioned div".

<div style="position:absolute; left:0; top:0;"> <object> ... </object> </div>

Then, to make the background transparent, set the 'wmode' parameter to 'Transparent' by adding the following parameter to the OBJECT tag in HTML:

<PARAM NAME=wmode VALUE="Transparent">

If your HTML contains a call to AC_FL_RunContent() rather than an OBJECT tag, then add the following two parameters:


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